the original pattern or model of which all things of the same type are representations or copies.



the Creator of the Cosmos and priest of the Gods in the Hindu sacred triad: Brahma- the Creator, Vishnu – Upholder, and Shiva – Destroyer creator god of the Hindu sacred triad.



Literally means “wheel” and later became known as the energy wheel of light (see the last page of this chapter for the Seven Chakras and their definitions), a center of radiating life force or energy that is located between the base of the spinal column and the crown of the head – subtle energies.


Conscious Presence

awareness always has the opportunity of deepening – it is relative to the situation and desire for this to come about



The Daka or Dakini is a man or woman who has been trained in the Sacred Healing Arts. This being embodies the divine lover to teach, inspire, and support others into their divine expression and manifestations of Shiva and Shakti, the archetypes of the divine Masculine and Feminine. When this sacred inner marriage occurs, the marriage of divine manifestation is realized. In this reality, the earth and all of creation is healed, and heaven becomes manifest on earth.



Gods and Goddesses


Divine Consciousness

path of self-knowledge


Divine Energy

path of physicality


Divine Feminine

this is the “she” of us; the Divine Feminine holds the power


Divine Goddess

female manifestation of Divine Manifestation without being controlled by the ego


Divine Manifestation

God/Goddess Manifestations as opposed to Human Manifestation; where we can be conduits for Divine Manifestation; this requires getting out of the human ego.


Divine Masculine

the “male” of ourselves those witnesses and gives space and strength for the Divine Feminine to be acknowledged and honored


guru (guruparampara)

a guide in a Spiritual Life, teacher;



a person trained in the art of inner exploration and elimination of the negative


Higher consciousness

found through an increase in consciousness of a Greater Power



All the information contained in a volume of space can be represented by a theory that lives in the boundary of that region



a deeper level of reality acknowledging that all things in the Universe are infinitely interconnected



we all have three Shakti (energies) within us; ichcha Shakti – energy of will; kriya Shakti – energy of action; jnaara Shakti – energy of knowledge



the energy which is found at the base of out spine, of the latent energy found in the Muladhara chakra



the phallic symbol of masculinity, associated with Shiva



sacred mystic syllable, word or verse used in meditation or japa quiet the mind and balance the inner body


mantra japa

the process in which a devotee repeats the name of the God; can be said aloud or just the movement of lips or in the mind; mantra to go along with the in and out flow of breath



the sexual instinct, Tantric union or ritual sexual intercourse



ritual of manual gestures and manipulation, act of abandoning all associations with evil which leads to bondage



one of the Five Principles of Yoga which promotes proper breathing



a model or format upon which to base something



a female leader of Yoga techniques



Sanskrit word that literally means “warp (on a loom)”, or expansion that is used in later Hindu or Buddhist scriptures marked by mysticism and used in the worship of Shakti: Tantric Yoga uses visualization, strong breathing practice and other techniques to access the highly charge d kundalini energy in the body; Tantras include philosophy and culture which deals with the transcendence of human nature by strengthening the evolution of man and liberation of bound up energies.



someone with the abilities and aid and lead in the works of the Tanta


sacred sexual union (physical or spiritual)

the divine union of the yoni and the lingam


sacred spot

this is also known as the “G” spot; for women it is located just inside the roof or top wall of the yoni (vagina), and for men the sacred spot is the prostate



a priest with a belief in an unseen world of gods, demons, and ancestral spirits responsive only to the shaman



power, energy; Shakti is the feminine counterpart especially to Shiva


witnessing/being witnessed

is seeing, hearing, feeling and being seen, heard and felt. Often time this experience can help ground or authenticate something or someone. Witnessing and being witnessed can be very transformative and cathartic; it is an important part of loving and being loved.



both simple and elaborate geometric symbols aiming at somehow liberating the intently gazing mind.



female sexual organ, womb, and source of life

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